Viewing Orders

  1. Navigate to the Online Orders screen by selecting the Online Orders tile under Parts and Accessories (DMS) or Websites (Website Only customers)

  2. Click the Search button to display all online orders. You may also use the search filters to fine tune your results.

  3. Select an order in the list to view its details

Capturing Funds

When a consumer completes an online order, an authorization will be placed on the selected payment method. On the Payment tab, you may view this authorized payment information. The Customer will not be charged until you perform a payment capture. You may do this by selecting the Capture Funds button.

  1. Enter the amount to capture and select the Capture button to complete the funds transfer.

  2. The payment will be recorded in the Payment tab

Performing a Refund

  1. To refund a payment, select the Refund link, enter an amount to refund, along with a note, then click the Refund button to complete the refund.

  2. The refund will appear in the Payment tab

Recording Shipping Information

If you would like to record shipping info for an order, you may enter this in the Shipping tab.

Setting Order Status

Change the order status by selecting the Menu icon on the Order Detail screen-

  • Mark as Completed: This option will mark the order as completed

  • Mark as In Progress: This option will mark the order as in progress. NOTE: If you use the DX1 DMS, this option will be unavailable and is instead used after the online order is converted to an invoice.

  • Cancel Order: Selecting this option will mark the order as canceled. Any charged or authorized funds will also be refunded or voided.

Create Invoice

*This option available only for DX1 DMS users

  1. From the order detail screen, click the Create Invoice button

  2. The Part Preview dialog will appear. Confirm that the Ordered Item matches the ‘Suggested Invoice Item’ and select Continue.

  3. A success message will be displayed. Select OK to close the dialog or View Invoice to go directly to Part Invoicing