IMPORTANT: This feature will allow you to create  invoices in DX1 for the purposes of recording Customer data, accurately affecting your parts inventory, and pushing orders into accounting. Management of the online order itself, including payment capture, must still be performed in the external system.

Access Online Orders

Begin by selecting the Online Orders tile in the Parts and Accessories area of the Dashboard, or by selecting the Online Orders option in the left hand menu in the Parts and Accessories area.

Parts and Accessories tile

The Online Orders Screen: Definitions

  • Customer: Customer name as it appears in the source order

  • Order#: Order number from source

  • Order Date: Order date from source

  • Order Total: Total of all items, shipping, taxes, etc from source

  • Order Status: Order status in the source system

  • State: The DX1 state of the order

View Web Orders

Select Search to pull orders using the default filters. You may also use the search fields at the top of the screen to limit the results to a specific set of orders.

View Order Details
Select an Order in the list to view the details

Importing an Order / Creating an Invoice

Select Create Invoice to begin the import process

Customer Match
DX1 will attempt to locate an existing record for the Billing and Shipping Customer. 

If a possible match is found, you will see a Verify Billing (Shipping) Customer dialog. If the Customer on the order matches an existing record select the record and then click Continue. Simply click Continue to create a new Customer record.

Part Match

For each part on the order, DX1 will attempt to match the part on the order to a part in your inventory using the Part #. If no possible matches are found, 

The Source Product displays the part on the order. The Suggested Invoice shows the possible matches for the part.

Select the hourglass icon to search for a different part

Select the icon to clear the match and import the part as MISC

Once all parts are matched, select Continue to create the invoice. A dialog will appear with the new invoice number.

Select OK to close the dialog. Select View Invoice to go directly to the new invoice.

Once an invoice has been created for an online order, the invoice number will appear on the Online Orders screen. You may select the invoice number to go directly to the DX1 invoice.

Changing Online Order State

The online order state will change in two ways:


When viewing an online order that does not have an invoice associated, select the Menu option:

  • Select Mark as Completed to change the state to Complete

  • Select Mark as Canceled to change the state to Canceled

NOTE: Once an order has been marked as Complete or Canceled, the order state cannot be changed.

Via Invoice

When an invoice is created from an online order, the order status will be updated to In Progress. The order status will remain in this status until the open invoice is completed or voided, at which time the order state will be updated to reflect the invoice status.