Pre-Pay for Parts and attaching the bill once parts are received in QBO

*This is just a suggestion and should be reviewed with your accountant to ensure this follows their procedures

Once the parts are received and a bill is generated from DX1 to QuickBooks the following steps walk you thru how to then attach that bill to the check

  1. Go to the vendor and locate the check or credit card charge you created and had charged to prepaid expenses or a pre-determined account, click on it to open the check.
  2. You will then locate the bill it is paying for on the right-hand side.

In this scenario it would be the bottom invoice 765871

  1. Click the blue Add button
  2. This will attach that bill to the check and remove the entry to prepaid expenses
  3. Be sure to manually type the amount paid or it will not save

  1. Save and close

Your bill will now show paid