Q: What is the Account Reconciliation screen used for? 

A: This screen allows users to review any accounting entries that have been generated from processes performed using DX1 ( example: a parts sale).  Users may then review these entries before sending them over to Quickbooks.  

Q: I don’t normally do the reconciliation at the end of the day as I am not the bookkeeper, Where do I even begin to look at the entries? 

A: Please follow the steps below:

  1. Look for the Dx1 Quickbooks icon, it can typically be found on the desktop or at the bottom of the taskbar as shown:

2. The reconciliation screen will default to the most recent day that needs to be reconciled ( entries that need to be sent to Quickbooks). 

Q: There is a lot of information on this screen: What does any of it mean if I need to contact support? What information is best to give the support representative? 

A.  See below for a breakdown of the reconciliation screen :

Accounting Name - For each sent of entries they will grouped by their REF#.  What area of DX1 the entries came from ( in this example it was a parts sale) 

Note: REF# will be covered later in the document

Type -  The kind of entries created and sent to reconciliation from DX1 

C/D - Credit or Debit 

GL Account Description - for each journal entry an account has been pre mapped to match up with the correct account in Quickbooks.  

Note: The accounts shown are based on correct accounts provided by the dealership. 

Vendor Customer - If applicable, the vendor/ customer will be filled in as a reference for the entry itself.

Amt. (D)  Amt. (C)  - The dollar amounts recorded from the transaction.

REF# - Often when a user runs into an issue, this is the first section to look at.  If needed, the user can go back into DX1 to look over what happened in DX1 that may have caused the entry to come over to the reconciliation area the way that it did. 

Memo - A record of the transactions that are created that work correctly with quickbooks. Typically they will match the GL Account Description entry information.

Q: Is there a way to filter out reference numbers? Or to look at entries from previous days?

A: Users can click on the Calendar Icon then click the Show All checkbox to see previous entries that have already been sent to Quickbooks 

For additional details on what the color codes are for previously reconciled entries, please click on the link below if applicable

Accounting Color Codes