Parts Suppliers: This is the list of the current suppliers that are approved with a dealer number.  

Service Setting: This area covers defaults for RO's, what is printed on receipts for both estimates and repair orders, and setting up or changing how fees are managed. 

RO Number Sequence Format: This is setup before the dealer goes live and is typically not touched 

The check boxes shown below are defined as follows:

Enable Technician Time clock: See link below

Technician Time clock: Overview 

Enable Service Scheduling: If unchecked the feature cannot be used 

Enable parts processing in repair order: When checked, allows for part requesting to be done within a repair order.  Click the link below for a reference on how to request parts from within a repair order if needed. 


Part Requesting for Repair Orders

Enable Labor Hours to be visible on Customer Invoice: If unchecked the labor the customer was changed will not show on the receipt.

Print Void part on Customer Invoice: If checked, any part request that is voided will show on the customers receipt

Work Estimate Invoice Message: What will appear at the bottom of any receipt for saved work estimates 

RO Invoice Message: Same as above 

Fees: Dealers can add, remove, or set fees that can be added to estimates or RO's.  See link below for instructions

Creating Service Fees for Repair Orders

Time Clock Setting: 

See link below for an overview:

How do I setup the Time Clock?