F&I Products: This section stores all F&I products.  These include all products DX1 gets from the manufacturer and any products created by the dealership. 

Note: Products uploaded by DX1 that come from the manufacturer do allow for some changes, however the main information on the product cannot be changed in the first tab. The Accounting, Details, and Model Type can be changed on this kind of product. 

For examples on how F&I product works click on the link below: 

F&I Products FAQ

Parts Setting: 

Parts Min Price: This is the minimum price a part can be sold for within DX1 for all part numbers 

Min Deposit Percentage: Once set in this field that percentage will be applied to any special order item being sold.

  ( example: If set to 10%, each time a part is special ordered 10% of the total of the order will be required to be paid before completing the sale. )  Users can decide to override the requirement during the invoicing process, or can adjust the setting to zero if the dealer tends to pick and choose when a deposit amount is required. 

Click the link below to review the special order process that includes taking a deposit 

Special Order process: Parts Counter 

Min Layaway Percentage: This is the same concept as the deposit percentage definition above

Restocking Fee Default Percentage: This applies an automatic fee to any part that is returned through the pickup/refund process.  Note: If the user forgets to remove the restock fee before completing the return the fee CANNOT be removed.

See the links below:

Parts Invoicing: Shipping and Restock Fee Icons

Layaway Parts process

Default Parts Cost: This field lets you set the Method that will be used to value your parts inventory.  Changing this field has direct impact on your current parts inventory Value in DX1 as well as COGS for parts that are sold.  Please contact DX1 Customer Support if you need to change your Default Parts Cost. 

See the screenshot below for the options for changing this Cost:

Use Price Book Cost for Cost Plus Discounting: See link below for details

Setting Cost + discounts based on Price Book Cost

Parts Invoice Message: This is what will show on the bottom of every receipt printed out using a regular ink or laser jet printer 

Receipt Tape Invoice Message (Text Only/HTML not supported): This is used for credit card receipts 

The next section ( including the top four check boxes as shown) revolve around Part Invoice Pins requirements. 

Part Invoice PIN: The PIN is set per user within DX1 under the users profile.  See example below 

When the four boxes as shown have check marks, the user will be required to enter his/her PIN to perform the actions listed. 

The last four boxes shown are defined as follows:

Create payable entries for parts received: When set, a bill entry will be created for accounting 

Print notes on parts invoice: any notes left in the notes area of a parts invoice will also show 

Set Shipping to Non - Taxable 

Auto apply pricing rule when public data is updated: Any pricing rule that has been created and applied to a catalog will still be applied once an update is done 

Manufacturer Vendors: This is where the approved vendors are listed with the dealership number supplied by the dealership. 

Once inside the specific manufacturer, dealers can decide the model types to be shown using the drop down.