For dealers who offer cost plus discounts to customers can now have those discounts based off a default toggle switch found in Dealership Settings.

Note: The actual discount the customer receives is not affected by the default being set

Note: Only those with the proper permissions may access this default setting. 

From the dashboard click on the user initials then choose Dealership Settings.

Click Parts Setting from the menu on the left

Toggle Use Price Book Cost for Cost Plus Discounting to the “ON” position then click Save. 

Example # 1: Before the toggle has been set: 

Part number 0100-0201 has a price book cost of $85.00 but also has been set to a last received cost of $95.00

When added to an invoice the discount for the customer with cost + reflects the last received cost for the part number

Example # 2: with the default toggle set to the “on “ position 

The invoice now reflects the price book cost discount per the toggle being activated