What the report covers: The dealer can set a date range to see by invoice number what has been sold that has been sold with or without tax. 

Step 1: Setting the search filters 

Select the date range by clicking in the box 

Set the department ( parts, service, sales etc)  the default is set to show all 

Set the sale type: Users can filter or show sales for : 

Retail: Any sales to customers 

Internal: Parts or service sold to units or employee’s 

Breakdown of key sections of the report: 

Department: This will reflect the sales type option when setting the filter , for this example Retail Sales will be used 

Category: The type of parts that have been sold ( example: PHP etc…)

Customer City: This info is based on the zip code found under the customers profile 

Taxable County: Based on the information from the customer profile 

Customer Tax Code: The info in this field is based on the tax code field under the customer profile. It is for informational purposes only

Item Cost: This can be found within the inventory item detail of the specific part number which is where the cost is pulled from

Assembly Cost:  Any work done on the back end ( example charge to MU) will be reflected AFTER the Major unit sale has been posted 

Additional Costs: Anything associated with the sale of the unit as far as cost from the unit

 ( example: freight and setup) 

Total Cost: All costs versus Total DSP (What the customer was charged) for a given department or for all departments of retail and internal sales alike 

Total DSP ( Dealer Sale Price): The amounts the services or parts were sold for to the customer 

Sale Profit: The money made from the sales minus the cost

Doc Fee: This field will only populate a value when major units is included in the search parameters after the sale is complete 

Other Fees: This field will reference Freight, Setup, and Other default amounts in relation to MU sales.  These values will populate either by the defaults set under Dealership Settings or when manually entered at the time the unit is being sold.

Non - Taxable Amount: This is the amount from the sale of the item that was not taxed. See below for an  example of when an amount would show in the non taxable field 

Major Unit Sale # 474

From the report the amount of  $107.00 is shown

The value of $107.00 is calculated from:

All fees ( minus the documentation fee )  

In the example above those fees are 







$19  = $107.00

Taxable Amount: This value is based on the Total DSP field.  In the example major unit deal #474 the total taxable amount is based on: 

The total DSP of the unit + any doc fees 

Tax Collected: This value is based on the default tax settings for Parts, Service and Major Unit Sales.

Other Income: A value will show here IF the dealer has selected “include hold back in cost” in the default setting then hold back amounts will show.