Note: Any part number that was created using the previous process for ordering and receiving bulk parts will need to be marked as Discontinued, or Retire on Depletion.  This will allow for the original part to be used moving forward using this feature.

Note: Once the Split Bulk Item feature has been activated on a part number, that part number CANNOT be special ordered moving forward. 

Example # 1  Splitting the bulk item inside inventory 

Note: QTY on Hand  must be set to Zero before setting up bulk parameters 

Inside the details screen, click the Bulk Item Details button

The pop up screen shows the pricing based on the full price of the bulk item being sold without being split

Set the Individual Quantity ( example: how many quarts are in the drum, in this case 220) 

Once set, click the Split Bulk Item toggle  to Yes. The Individual Cost and  Price will now be reflected based on the split Individual Quantity that was entered. Click Save once done 

Note: How the calculation is done will be reflected at the bottom of the pop up box as shown.

Click Confirm

"Note: after a part is set as Bulk the Cost and DSP shown on the Inventory Detail Page will now reflect the Individual item Cost and Price"

To see the Bulk pricing please select the Bulk Item Detail button

Example # 2 Split Bulk Items when receiving 

Click on the part number,  then at the bottom of the receiving screen, click the Split Bulk Items button 

Set the required fields as shown.  With the Split Item  toggle activated, the oil also has the individual price and quantity set for inventory purposes. Users may also change the Description,  Category and Bin 1 fields if applicable.  Once done click Save

Click Confirm 

Receive the PO as normal