Q. When Vendors are added by DX1, what does that mean and include? 

A. When a vendor is added it is broken down into  four main sections:

Major Unit Manufacturer 

Parts and Accessories Supplier

Warranty Company


Note:  Additional vendors may also be added by the dealership, Click the link below to see these additions and how to add ( without accounting mapping) 

Adding a private vendor and catalog ( without accounting) 

Q. The vendor has been added yet I cannot find it listed in parts inventory

A. Check the following: 

1. Under the Supplier Vendor Catalogs section of the Supplier Information page, is a catalog shown? 

Two options:

1. If the catalog is shown, make sure it is active in catalog management within inventory management 

2. If a catalog is not shown, users may create the catalog from the supplier information page . 

Q. When I go to do a warranty job, I see that either the labor rate is incorrect or shows a zero.  Where can I look to fix this? 

A. Both of these settings  are tied to the vendor and MOP ( Method Of Payment) areas. 

To adjust the labor rate: 

1. Under the warranty vendor, check the Labor Rate Per Hour field 

If the rate is showing a zero in the Repair Order check the MOP . Click on the user initials then Dealership Settings 

Choose Method Of Payment from the menu on the left 

Under the warranty MOP in this example, if the Internal toggle is set to the "On" position, the labor rate will show as a zero when billing to the warranty company inside the repair order. 

Additionally, make sure the vendor is also selected in the MOP