Q. How do I know if a cashier station is even open from an invoice? 

A. In the lower left hand corner under the Cashier tab if a station has been assigned whatever the station has been named will show. 

Q. What would show if a station has not been opened? 

A. See example below:

Q. What are the requirements for a cashier station to be used? 

A. Cashier stations must first be created under Cashier Management.  See instructions below 

Note: Only those with the proper permissions will be able to create cashier stations.

Click Cashier Management 

Click Add then name and set the description.  Once done click Save 

Once created, open the cashier station.  For instructions click the link below. 

How do I open a Cashier Station?


Q. I need my employee to be able to cashier in two departments, can this be done?

A. See instructions below

How do I assign an employee to a cashier station?