Setting up an account for Trade In changes is a three part process as detailed below.


Part One: Adding the account in QuickBooks


Open QuickBooks.


Click Chart of Accounts.






Select New from the Account drop down menu in the lower left of your screen.






Select Other Current Liability from the Other Account Types drop down menu.






Enter Trade In Clearing in the Account Name field.



NOTE: You should add an account number and make it a sub account of Liability Clearing Account. 



Click Save and Close.



NOTE: Do NOT close the QuickBooks application.




Part Two: Syncing the account to DX1



Open the DX1 Accounting Application.



NOTE: Make sure your QuickBooks application is still open.





Click QB SYNCHRONIZATION from the left hand navigation menu.






Click the GL & Term tab. The new account will show on the left.


Click Submit.






The Sync Process Screen will show. Once all the progress bars are filled, click Completed.





Part Three: Mapping the Account in DX1



Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select Dealership Settings from the "Settings/Administrative" drop down menu.


                  Click Major Unit under the Accounting Settings on the left hand navigation menu.





Choose the newly created account from the Default Trade-In Other Liability Account drop down menu.






Click Save.