Watch the video 

Or follow the steps below 

Part 1: Adding the GL Account  to the chart of accounts 

Click on Chart Of Accounts 

Click on Account then New in the lower left hand corner 

Choose Credit Card from the menu on the left then click Continue

Name the account then Save and Close 

Part 2: Creating the Credit Card Vendor ( this allows for the vendor to be chosen when the card is paid off) 

From the dashboard click Vendors 

Click New Vendor 

Name the vendor and fill in all applicable information then click OK 

Choose Pay bills 

Click in the box next to each bill that needs to be paid as shown below, Once all the needed fields have been chosen click Pay Selected Bills 

Payment Summary popup screen will appear.  The balance has now been moved to the credit card account, click done.

Part 3: Paying the Credit Card Balance 

From the home screen choose Write Checks 

Click the Pay to the order of drop down then choose the credit card vendor from part 2

Choose the GL Account and enter in the amount as shown.  The values will auto fill in the check as shown below. Once done click Save and Close

Users can now go back to the chart of account to verify the payment was recorded