This report provides users in the service department with a full set of metrics which will help them monitor how things are going in the department currently, month over month and even for the same time last year.

By default this report will run for the previous month but you can select any date range and then rerun the report.

This report is broken down into four sections as follows:

1) Closed ROs for selected period - This sections provides you with metrics for ROs that were completed and posted to accounting in the selected period.  It is important to note that the dates are based on the RO transaction date that was posted to accounting. 

2) Currently open ROs (does not include WEs) - This sections provides you with metrics for ROs that are currently still open, it is important to note that this section does NOT include Work Estimates.

3) Other Service Metrics - This section provides you with a number of general service metrics not included in the other sections, like the Completed RO count, open WE count, open RO count, average visits per customer etc.

4) Closed ROs (Last 13 Months) - This chart provides you with a visual representation of how the Service department has been doing over the past 13 month.  It shows the RO breakdown by Pay Type and and the overall profit for each moth.  We go back 13 months so you can compare the current month with the same month last year.

Field definitions and general notes:

Pay Type - There are three possible pay types as follows

1) Customer Pay - Customer pays for the work directly

2) Warranty - Job is flagged as Warranty and is billed to a warranty vendor

3) Internal - Job is charged to the unit or the dealership as an expense

RO Counts - In the tables we do not total the ROs column because some ROs fall into two Pay Types Eg, Customer pay and Warranty pay, if we totaled the column those ROs would be double counted.   You can find Closed and Open RO counts in the Other Service Metrics section

Jobs / RO - is the average number of jobs per RO for the period

Parts / RO - is the average number of part line items per RO for the period

Hours / RO - is the average number of billed hours per RO for the period

Dollars / RO - is the average total amount charged per RO for the period

Cycle Time - Is measured in days, for Closed ROs it is the difference between the Unit In date and the RO Closed date, for Open ROs it is the difference between the Unit In Date and the Current Date

Billed Hours - Is the number of hours you charged the customer to do the work

Used Hours - Is the number of hours technicians have already worked on Open ROs

Technician Count - Is the number of Technicians assigned to ROs in the period

Available Working Hours in Period - The total number of hours the Dealership paid technicians based the dealership timeclock in the period

Average Visits per Customer - Is the average number of Completed Service visits (ROs) per customer in the last year 

Edge cases not handled:

The Closed RO report will ONLY include ROs & Jobs where Labor was sold (if the Job only includes parts it will not be included) 

It is possible to close and post an MU deal with a Requested RO that is still open, in this case the RO will be counted in BOTH the Closed ROs table (because it was posted with the deal) AND the Currently Open ROs table (because technically it is still open)


For additional support or questions regarding functionality, you can contact our customer support team in a number of ways shown below. Again it is mandatory for dealers to get with their accounting and business departments to understand the rules and regulations for your local, state, and federal laws.