Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Major Unit Management tile from the "Major Units" tile set.






Select the Incentives tab from the left hand navigation menu.






Click +Add.






The toggle is automatically set to On. Toggle to Off if you don't wish to use this incentive immediately.






Complete the required fields marked in red.



NOTE: There are four (4) types of incentives. Each has a specific use and reports information in different ways.


Sales Person:These are incentives that are offered to the Sales Professionals from the Manufacturer.  This incentivedoes not affect deal profitability and will not be shown as an incentive on the bill of sale.  For accounting purposes, this incentive is not sent over to QuickBooks automatically.  This allows you to handle Sales person Incentive amounts in whatever manner your dealership chooses.
Customer Cash Back:These are incentives that are offered to the customer from the manufacturer.  This incentive does notaffect the deal profitability however it does show as an incentive on the Bill of Sale. For accounting purposes, we set these as Methods of Payment in our system.  The Journal Entry is written to the QuickBooks account that is selected in the Customer Cash Back Method of Payment.
Manufacturer Rebate:These are incentives that offer an amount to the dealer from the manufacturer to sell specific Units.This incentive does affect the deal profitability but will not show as an incentive on the Bill of Sale.  For accounting purposes, we write the journal entry to the accounts that are set for incentives in Default Accounting Settings, and send the amounts to QuickBooks Automatically.
Dealer Rebate:These are incentives that you (the Dealer) offer the Customer.   These incentives show only as a cost inthe deal profitability.  They do not show as incentives on the Bill of Sale and they do not automatically change the cost of the unit.  For accounting purposes, these are not sent to QuickBooks.  This allows you to account for them in whatever method you prefer.



Note that you can apply the incentive to New Units Only by keeping the toggle set to On.


You may also add or remove specific models by clicking Add/Remove Models.


Once you have completed the information, Click Save.