1. Go to dlvr.it and create an account

2. Once account is created log in

A. You will be automatically redirected to the Automated tab with the option to start a new Feed.

3. Use the search box in Dashboard to enter a complete DX1 RSS feed URL 

4. Click connect 

A. You will be redirected to your new RSS feed configuring screen

5. Configure the feed

Please fill in the fields below: 

I. Feed Name (Feed Name will auto populate  in this field)

II. When should we post new items?: (Select one)

A. Share immediately 

B. Add to your queue: share items on a predetermined schedule

III. When should we make your first post?(Select Post all items (Up to max) option)

 A. Post the most recent item now

 B. Post when a new item is published

 C. Post all items (up to max)

6. Click CONNECT SOCIALS >  to go to the next step.

7. Add your Socials to the Feed

I. Choose an existing social network ( If you have already added Dealership facebook page, It will display here) 

II. Click "+"Connect Now to add a social network (Add more social networks)

8. Once you have all the social networks added, click on  START POSTING   

9. Your inventory will be added to your facebook page.