Yahoo! mail only allows POP3 setup with a paid account. If you have a  paid account, Yahoo! will allow you to receive all customer emails as well as DX1 email notifications of quotes, orders, finance applications, etc.


NOTE: We highly recommend that you install anti-virus software on your computer, and have it setup to receive on-line updates. You do not want to send viruses to your customers, nor receive viruses from customer emails.


How to Setup Yahoo.com



Open your Yahoo! account at http://mail.yahoo.com.




Click Mail Options.




Click Mail Accounts under Management.




Click Add.




Enter a description for the account in the Account Name field. (Ex. Info J Motor)



NOTE: This is what you will see to identify this email on your mobile device, NOT what the customer will see.




Click Continue.


Type mail.[dealername].com into the Mail Server address field.


In the Username field, enter the DX1 assigned email address you are setting up. (Ex. info@joesmotorcycles.com)


Enterthe password you created in the Password field. 


The indicator option allows you to color code mail that comes from this account




Click Setup Mail Server.