1. Go to hootsuite and create an account.

  2. Once account is created log in.

  3. Click your profile picture (Newprofileicon.png by default) in the top-right corner of the dashboard

  4. Select Account & Settings.

  5. Select RSS/Atom from the Settings list.

  6. Click Add New Feed Add_new_rss_feed.png.

7. You will be redirected to “Add an RSS/Atom Feed” window.

8. Paste the DX1 RSS feed URL in the Feed URL field.

9. Select the social network from the drop-down list that will post the feed items (Network to send feed items to).

10. Select a frequency for checking the feed for content (Check this feed for new posts every).

11. Select how many new items to post at a time (When new posts are found, send up to).

12. Enter a short note to appear before each post (Prepend text to each message).

13. Select a URL shortener from the drop-down list to shorten the link to the feed item.

14. Click Save Feed.