BRP has now released their “Trial Balance” API, which will allow the dealer to leverage their Dealer Management System (DMS) to submit financial data electronically. The data is broken down into two main categories: general ledger and miscellaneous data.

Requirements and notes: 

This feature is for BRP dealers only and requires a signed BRP integration agreement, if you have not signed this agreement please contact your DX1 Account Manager.

Dealers must already be registered with BRP RISE in order to submit data. Please contact with questions regarding registration for BRP RISE

Steps required to extract and submit data to BRP RISE

1. Log into the DX1 Accounting App.

2. Click on the “Composite Reports” tab, on this page you will have the option to either review previously extracted data or extract a new dataset for a given month.

3. Select the Year / month you wish to extract data for.

4. Click the “Get QB Data” button, this will connect to QBs and extract the Trial Balance data for the selected month.  Review the account balances that were pulled in, if you see any concerns you need to resolve them in QuickBooks and then click the “Get QBs Data” button again to reimport the account balances.  

5. Click the “Get DX1 Data” button, this will connect to the DX1 database and extract the Non financial numbers (Associated Count) for unit inventory and sales, Review the numbers pulled in from DX1, you can add or edit these numbers if necessary right in the form.  If you do make any changes be sure to click “Save Changes” before you leave.

6. The extracted data (GL and Counts) will be saved as a snapshot in the DX1 database and displayed on the screen for future reference.

7. Once the data is extracted from QBs and DX1 and you are happy with it, click the "Submit to BRP RISE" button to upload it to BRP RISE, if your data is uploaded successfully you will get a message stating so, if you get a message indicating that accounts are not mapped you will need to contact BRP RISE to get lose accounts updated or added.

Dealers need to be set up with BRP RISE before they will be able to send their data, if they have not been set up the API will respond with an error.

Things to check if you are having trouble

  • If QBs GL accounts were ever synced to DX1 with account numbers you must leave account numbers turned On in QBs. If this is the case go to your QBs settings and turn Account Numbers back On then try again.

  • If the Trial Balance report includes accounts that are now inactive in QBs and were never synced to DX1 you need to re activate those accounts in QBs and sync them to DX1, you can then deactivate them again in QBs.

  • If you are not using account numbers you can not have two accounts in QBs with the exact same name even if they are in different account hierarchies.  To address this re name one of the accounts in QBs and re sync the accounts to DX1.