Note: This feature is only available for dealers who have signed the BRP  integration agreement.  If a dealer has not yet done so or is unsure, please contact your DX1 account manager.  

Note: As part of the BRP parts order  submission process the dealer will need to sign into their BOSSWebb account.  If the dealer has recently signed in, BRP may not require them to sign in again, However login information is not stored and if enough time has passed the user may need to sign in again.  This will also be discussed again in this document. 

Note: In the following example the parts chosen will come from selecting from the vendor drop down

Part 1: Creating the PO inside DX1

Click Ordering 

Choose the Can- Am/BRP vendor from the drop down then Search 

Place a check mark in the box on the left for the part or parts that will be added to the PO then click New PO in the upper right hand corner

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner, then choose Create Cart

Part 2: Authentication with BRP 

As mentioned in the beginning of this document, authentication is required each time an order is submitted.  Log in to BOSSWeb using your BRP dealer number and your regular BOSSWeb credentials as shown. 

The user will get the following message once authentication is successful.  Close the tab at the top as shown to continue

Review and set the following:

Ship to address: Choose from the drop down  for the correct address.  Note: Address information is provided to DX1 from BRP, addition, removal or correction will need to done with BRP.

Shipping method: Select the correct shipping option from the drop down 

Review all item quantities, additional parts can be added and quantities changed if applicable  Click Validate.

The following message will appear with successful validation

Additional information will also be available if applicable once the validation button has been clicked:

1. Any invoice warnings from the validation will appear in red 

2. If the Validation process updates the Qty or the Cost of any parts it will be  highlighted in red

3. The UOM ( Unit Of Measure) will be shown for each part 

4. For each part we will show the returned Availability and Warehouse so the user knows when and where the part will come from.

5. If the validation returns any item level alerts we will display a "!" that the user can hover over to see the returned alert detail

If there are any additional amounts associated with the order (Freight, Handling, Core Charges, Discounts etc) they will be included in the "Fees / Other" and they will be added to the order total 

Once all adjustments and corrections have been made if applicable, click the Validate button again. Once successful, the Submit button will light up.  Note: The Submit button will not activate until all corrections have been made and validation is complete.

A second confirmation will show once successful.  Click Close 

Note:  Large orders will take time to process, if you order is large you may get a message stating that it is taking longer than expected to process your order and you will be asked to be patient and to click the re try button in a minute, once your order has been successfully submitted and processed by the BOSSWeb system you will get the expected "Order Submitted Successfully" message

Part 3: Order Tracking and cancelling of orders 

Dealers may track submitted orders by clicking on Ordering List 

Select the BRP vendor and open status then search 

Click on the icon shown to track the order 

Users will need to login to BOSSWebb  again to check the status and details 

Once successfully logged in close the tab 

Users can review the information for the current order with BRP.  Click close once done 

If a PO has been created but has not been submitted to BRP The tracking icon will show as grayed out.  Click the edit pencil on the left 

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner then choose Submit Order from the drop down 

Note: If a users cancels the PO, it ONLY cancels the PO inside DX1.  Users will get the following message as well.