The BRP APO (Automatic Purchase Orders) integration allows DX1 to load the POs for RIM Replenishment Orders directly into DX1 so that you have a PO to receive against when the order arrives.  This will save you time and ensure data accuracy.

The BRP RIM (Retail Inventory Management) program automatically generates and ships parts orders to dealers based on the dealer’s current inventory levels and typical retail sales.

In this document we will cover:

  • How to Get Started With RIM and APO

  • BRP APOs in DX1

  • How to Receive Against a RIM APO

How to Get Started with RIM and APO

  • If your dealership is not already signed up for RIM you will need to contact your BRP Sales Representative and ask them to set you up.

  • Once your dealership is set up the DX1 system will monitor the BRP system for new RIM POs, when a PO is found it will be automatically loaded into DX1.

BRP APOs in Dx1

  • RIM APOs will be created in DX1 with all your other POs 

  • You can find them under Parts Ordering / Ordering List, filter by the BRP Vendor

  • You can identify RIM APOs in two ways

    • The PO number will be 10 digits and will start with RO which stands for “Replenishment Order”

    • The Description will always be “PO From RIM”

How to Receive Against a RIM APO

  • When your RIM order arrives it will indicate the PO number 

  • In DX1 go to Parts Receiving as normal

  • Select BRP as the Vendor

  • Enter the BRP PO number

  • Click search

  • Continue as normal to receive the parts for that order