Click on Listing Inventory and Classifieds

Use the search to locate the unit where the discount or charge will be applied. Select Edit Specs

Under Pricing, locate the Offers & Charges header and select the Add button 

Add a name for the line item, select Offer or Charge in the Type dropdown, and enter the line item price in the Amount field. You may also add an expiration date if desired.

To enter multiple items, click the Add button. A maximum of 3 line items may be added to a single listing.

The price of the unit, minus discounts, will be shown on the website as 'Total Price.’ You can customize the price description by entering your own in the Replace "Total Price" Text With: field- ‘After All Rebates’ or ‘Your Price,’ for example. There is a 20 character limit on this description. 

When you have completed your additions, select Save.

If only discounts have been applied. Discounts will show on the unit in search results.

Example of a unit with an offer and a charge when looking at the details screen on the website

* Offers and Charges will not be displayed on listings where the unit price is hidden.