You can generate the following Spader reports from DX1:

  • Spader Chart of Accounts

  • Spader Balances

  • Spader Sales and Inventory Quantities

Follow these steps

1. Compile data from Quickbooks and DX1

       a. If you are using QuickBooks desktop open QuickBooks.
       b. Open the DX1 Accounting App.
       c. In the DX1 Accounting App Click on the “Composite Reports” tab on the left .

    d. At the top of the page select the month and the year you want to compile data for.

    e.Click the “Get QBs Data” button to pull in the account balances from QuickBooks, if you are using QBO you will be prompted to log in if you have not already done so.

    f. Review the account balances that were pulled in, if you see any concerns, you need to resolve them in QuickBooks and then click the “Get QBs Data” button again to reimport the account        balances.

    g. Click the “Get DX1 Data” button to pull in the counts for unit inventory & sales.

    h. Review the numbers pulled in from DX1, you can add or edit these numbers if necessary right in the form.  If you do make any changes be sure to click “Save Changes” before you leave.

2. Run the Spader report

        a. Log in to DX1 and click on the Accounting reports tile.

        b. Locate the three Spader reports in the list and run them.

        c. By default the reports will run for the previous month, if you wish to run the reports for a different month just select a different Month and then click "View Report".

        d. Review the data in the reports if everything looks good click the “Save As” button and select the “CSV File” format.