Windows Live Mail is the email client that will allow you to receive all customer emails as well as DX1 email notifications of quotes, orders, finance applications, etc.


NOTE: We highly recommend that you install anti-virus software on your computer, and have it setup to receive on-line updates. You do not want to send viruses to your customers, nor receive viruses from customer emails.


How to Set Up Windows Live Mail



Open Windows Live Mail.




Click Tools and select Accounts from the drop down menu.





Click  Add.





Select  E-mail Account then click Next.





In  the E-mail address field, enter the DX1 assigned email address you are setting up. (Ex. info@joesmotorcycles.com)


Enter  the password you created in the Password field. You may select the Remember password box if you wish for this email account to open upon launch of Microsoft Mail without requiring a password to be entered.


In the Display Name field, enter the name you would like to have displayed on the outgoing emails associated with this email account.



NOTE: This is the name that will appear in the "To" line of an email. It can be the individual name of a salesperson if you have setup individual email addresses through DX1, or you may prefer a broader title such as "Sales at [DealerName]," or "Info at [DealerName]," etc. 



Select the box labeled Manually configure server settings for e-mail account.




Select  POP3 or IMAP from the My incoming mail server is a drop down. 



NOTE: There will be slight changes in setup depending on the server.



For POP3: Type mail.[dealername].com into the Incoming server field. (Ex. mail.joesmotorcycles.com)
For IMAP: Type imap.[dealername].com into the Incoming server field. (Ex. Imap.joesmotorycles.com)


Select  Clear text authentication from the Log on using drop down.


In the Login ID field, enter the DX1 assigned email address you are setting up. (Ex. info@joesmotorcycles.com)


Type mail.[dealername].com in the Outgoing server field. (Ex. mail.joesmotorcycles.com)


Type 25 in the Port field.


Check the box labeled My outgoing server requires authentication.




Click  Next.






Click  Finish.