Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Inventory Management tile in the "Parts and Accessories" tile set.




Select Vendor Discount from the left hand navigation menu under Management.




Type the Vendor name in the search bar and hit Enter or click the magnifying glass.


Select the correct vendor listed.




Enter the discount amount and tier amount for each option.                           


Field Description
Base Discount Percentage                                             Discount (this is a percentage, 10=10%) applied to anything purchased
Tier X Min Amount This is the value where additional discounts are offered based on minimum amounts. This is a dollar amount.
Tier X Discount Percentage This is the discount for any order above the minimum amount.



Click Save.





NOTE: When you place an order from the discounted vendor, DX1 will track the order amount and apply the discount when the purchase order is created. The discount in the New PO window is a reflective view of what the dealership can expect from the vendor. Actual discounts are inputted when the order is received.