In order to email Major Unit forms you will need to download Adobe Reader and setup your internet options by using the following process:

                            Part 1: Install Adobe Reader                                


Open a new web browser and type this address into the address bar: 


Click Install Now. You may want to un-click the optional downloads in the center panel.





NOTE: All windows will need closed for installation



Click Run.






Click Finish.






The icon will be on the desktop.




Step 2: Configuring Adobe Reader to print forms                                


Within Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the gear in the upper right hand corner.





Click the Security tab.


Click Trusted sites.


Click Sites.






Copy and paste the DX1 address through ".com" (do NOT include the entire address) into the Add this website to the zone: field. (This may pre-populate)


Click Add.


Click Close.






Click Custom level.






Scroll down to Display Mixed Content (about halfway down the list) and click the Enable radio button.


Click OK.






Click Yes to make the changes to security settings.






Click OK to close out the window.




Part 3: Requirements for being able to email quotes in a PDF format                                


If the Adobe program has been purchased already by your dealership, the form can be saved as a PDF and emailed to the customer as needed.


When using the free version that was downloaded, please contact support at attention Forms. The forms team will convert the needed forms to a savable format so you can turn them into a PDF to email to the customer. You may also contact support by phone at 877-944-6766.



NOTE: The turn around time for the forms department is 72 hours at the minimum.