Major Unit Sale: An Overview 

Note: When working with ANY Invoice, each user will need to click save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open Invoice without saving within that 20 minute time frame changes to the Invoice will be lost!

Part I: Main Quote  ( for this example a unit will be sold out of inventory) 

1. From the launchpad click on the orange Sales tile 

2. next click on the New Quote  button on the left hand side of the screen

3. Add the buyer on the left hand side of the screen.  User can search for current customers or click the add button for a new customer.  Co-Buyers can also be added if needed.

4. Enter in the stock number of the unit to be sold or choose Add Unit on the left hand side 

5. User can also use the search icon.  Click on the dropdown boxes to search in stock inventory.  Click on the unit then Add Selected in the upper right hand corner.

Note: Dealers may update the VIN number before continuing with the quote in the event that DX1 did not find a match at the time it was received. Dealers may also click save without updating as the unit can still be sold even if the VIN does not match. 

Once the unit has been added the stock number will show in a green color. Dealers will need to click the save button in the upper right hand corner.  The stock number will turn blue indicating that a quote has now been opened on the stock number itself. 

The additional quote number will appear along with the salesperson assigned to the quote.  Dealers can click on the invoice number on the left to be taken to the other quote or click the arrow to view the two quotes side by side as a new tab will be opened at the top. 

Example of both quotes with the second tab feature 

The user can either scroll down through the areas of the quote or click on the areas of the deal on the left hand side of the screen.  This document will walk through each section as shown in the picture below.

Unit Information: 

6. Click on the pencil or unit information from the menu on the left

7. You can change the DSP pricing of the unit if needed by clicking on the dollar amount.

    The Freight, Setup, and Other

These  fields are preset in the administration area of DX1 ( if applicable).  You can also change the body type of the unit, this will affect the fees and taxes that are charged on the unit at the time of sale. 


All taxes for Major Units are set in the default section of DX1.  To edit the tax percentages or dollar amount charged click on the pencil next to each tax line shown. To not charge tax click the box to remove the check mark. 

Adjust tax percentage or dollar amount as needed. The customer can also be marked as tax exempt. Note: tax exempt if checked will only apply to the current deal.  Once changes have been 

made click Save. 


Just like taxes all fees are set in the default section of Dx1.  To not charge a fee uncheck the box next to the fee on the left hand side. To adjust the amount of the fee click on the dollar amount shown. 

Incentives and F&I products:

 Any applicable OEM incentives will appear below.  If you do not want to use the given incentives you will need to check the box titled Exclude Un-select incentives from invoice.

Additional Incentives types: 

1. Sales Person

2. Manufacturer Rebate

3.  Dealer Rebate

Click on the link below to see instructions for Incentives 

Incentives and F&I: setup and selling during a major unit quote

Once selected, all incentives and F&I products will be has shown

 Adding F&I products can be done in two ways 

entering in the product name in the box provided 

using the search icon in the upper left hand corner. 

Loan Calculator: Click the Details button 

This section allows the salesperson to enter in payment details showing the customer the monthly payment, amount financed, interest charges, and total of payments. These numbers will change if down payment, number of months financed, and interest rate are adjusted.

Assembly Parts & Assembly Service:

Definition: Any parts or labor that has been added to the unit being sold out of inventory.  The type of sale ( example: charge to MU, Installed.......etc)  that was used in the adding of labor and parts can impact the profit margin.  If parts need to be removed to adjust the quote, please click on the link below. 

Refunding parts attached to RO's 

Total Price:

In this section the salesperson can enter in a new OTDP (Out The Door Price.) When this number is entered in Dx1 will run it against the cost of the unit.  The dollar amount will change on the right hand side to reflect the new price.  If the dollar amount is in green the dealer is making a profit.  If the new price is lower than the cost of the unit the dollar amount will appear in red on the right hand side and the dealer is losing money. 

Trade In's

Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner then choose Trade In


Please click on the link below to see the instructions for adding a trade in and the option for adding the trade in directly into inventory even if the sale is not yet complete.

taking in a trade in before the deal is complete: Video 

Parts and Service Requests:

Definition: Any parts purchased or service work ( anything that the dealership adds for the customer before the unit is sold, example: custom rims.) These additions are made AT THE FRONT END of the quote and are not part of any parts that had been changed to the unit internally before the customer came in the purchase the unit.  

Taking Payment and Forms 

 Click on Invoice Details from the menu on the left.  In the lower left hand corner choose the Method Of Payment then click the Payment button. If a Lien holder is used that information will be reflected directly beneath the payment area.

Convert the Quote to a Deal then click the three dots and choose Print 

Add the date of sale by clicking the calendar on the right hand side then click the print icon for the needed form. Once printed click Save 

Once all forms have been printed click Complete Sale in the upper right hand corner