Direct Links  when toggled on will include a button that links  to the leads detail page.  This is especially handy when responding to leads from your mobile device.

Section 1:  Setting the toggle and requirements for user for each user 

1. Click on Lead Settings tile 

2. From the menu on the left under General Setting Toggle Direct Lead Links to the "On" position then click Save 

3. Click on Notifications/Assignments, Then scroll down to the Automatic Lead Assignment section.

4. With the Email toggle set to the "On" position, make sure the users are set to receive the notification email.  Once selected hit Save in the upper right hand corner.

Section 2:  What the user will see when Direct Links is active 

5. When a new lead comes in and is assigned to the user within the email a button will now show in the body called Work This Lead.  

6. Once the button is clicked the user is taken directly to the open lead