Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Leads tile under the “Customers” tile set.






Search for or select the lead you wish to schedule and event for.






The customer information page displays. Select the Scheduled Actions tab on the left hand navigation menu.






If no actions are scheduled, the listing will be empty. If other actions have been scheduled for that customer those actions will display. 


To add a new action, click the +Add button.






Select the specific event you’d like to schedule from the dropdown menu.






Complete the required fields. These include Priority and Reminder . The Priority field will ensure tasks are prioritized and can be searched. The Reminder field will allow for a reminder either in a certain amount of time or at a specific time.



NOTE: A vertical red line indicates a required field.






Once Add has been selected click the Cancel button.  You will be asked to discard your changes.  By clicking discard you will not lose the appointment that has just been created. 






To edit the event, select it and make your changes. Click Save to save the changes or Cancel to discard them. To delete the event, click the blue trashcan icon next to the event. 


You can see all of the scheduled events by navigating to the Dashboard and selecting the Planner tile or the Event tile at the bottom of the “Customers” tile set.