There have been a number of updates to the DX1 Planner.  See below:

A new look: The Planner view now appears at the top of the screen with the Overdue List at the bottom.

Customizable Planner View: Found within Lead Settings under General View.  Users can now update the Planner view by configuring the view, dealership offers and days or operation:

1. Default Planner view: Day, Week or Month 

2. Ability to set the available dealership hours on the Planner to align scheduling with hours of operation 

3. Ability to hide certain days, again to align with dealership days of operation


User View: Users will now only see the scheduled actions that have been created by them.  Managers will see all scheduled actions for all reps when looking at the calendar 

Email Schedule Actions: Users that set an Email as a scheduled action no longer need to go to the Planner to send the email.  Once your create the Email action, the system will automatically send the email.  No need to set a reminder for the manual send, they system will take care of it.  But if things change and you need to send it at a different time, you can either reset the scheduled time or send it manually.

Add Scheduled Actions from within the Planner itself: Click on the time slot for the scheduled action to be added (in the example 5pm will be used) 

Choose the type of scheduled action then click Add

New information found within the scheduled action:

1. There is now a link to the associated lead or customer from the scheduled action on the Planner

2. The name of the assigned rep now displays on the scheduled action 

3. A Notes area has been added so the user can make multiple notes as it relates to that activity

Scheduled Actions and access to the planner: Users may access the planner directly from within the lead when Scheduled Actions has been selected