Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Customer Search tile under the “Customers” tile set.




Click the +Add button on the top left of the form.                           





Complete the Customer Information fields.



NOTE: A red line in the field text box indicates a required field.


 Fist Name 

Last Name     

Display Name As:  This field is required for accounting purposes if the customer will be marked as an Accounts Receivable   ( credit line)  customer .   DX1 will default the Display Name As field to the customers last name than first ( as shown).  Dealers can change this default by clicking in the provided field.                                    



Each customer may have up to six (6) addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. To add additional information, select the blue Add another… buttons under each field.


  Dealers can also add a mobile number for informational purposes or our Pay For Feature  SMS Messaging for Special Order Invoices.  For details you may contact your dealerships account manager or support at 877-944-6766.  and example of the feature can be found by clicking on the link below:

Text message for special order parts 


Note: If the zip code is not in the DX1 database, you may create a private zip code  select the city and state, and the zip code will be stored for further use system wide. 



If a field is not required, you do not have to input data, however, you may continue with the road to sale process and assign a salesperson and status to the customer at this time.


Click Save at the top right corner of the screen once you are finished.                                 

DX1 directs you to the customer information page.






To view this customer at any time, select the Customer List tile under the “Customers” tile set, search for the customer using the first name, last name, Zip Code, or Email address, and select the customer.



NOTE: You may also sort the customer list by any field.