Note: When working with ANY Parts Invoice, each user will need to click save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open Parts Invoice  without saving within that 20 minute time frame changes to the Parts Invoice  will be lost!

Two ways to watch: 

1. For those users who do not have speakers, watch the video below: 

2. with voice over: click the link OTC Sale

Users may also follow the written instructions below. 

Click on the Sales tile from the dashboard or the tab option from the menu on the left hand side.  

Click New Invoice from the menu on the left hand side 

Search for or add the customer in the upper left hand corner. Note: When entering in information the "search ahead" feature also shows possible matches.

Note: Dealers do have the ability to sell to a “Cash” customer when a part is being sold directly out of inventory. 

If the incorrect customer is chosen, dealers may click the "X" next to the customer name and enter in a new one. Users may also click on the customer name in blue to see details for the customer profile. 

 Common information to review can be:

Any tax breaks the customer may be receiving

Discounts applied for any parts they purchase ( example: a customer who gets 10% off will have that discount applied each time they purchase parts or accessories.

If they are an AR ( Accounts Receivable ) customer.  This info will also show at the bottom of the invoice automatically as well if applicable. 

Users may search or add parts the follow ways: 

1. Use the search ahead feature 

2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the left to look into inventory 

3. Use the Microfiche icon ( if applicable) 

4. Enter in the part number directly and tab over

After the part number has been added, any applicable BIN information will show that has been added by the dealer with the order of BIN 1 BIN 2 then BIN 3. 

User Tip: While working with an open invoice dealers can open a second tab without having to leave the invoice they are working on.  Click on the link below.

DX1 Tabs: Parts Invoicing

 A number one will automatically appear in the Sold field so long as the part is in stock.   Additional inventory information ( available, on hand, BIN information..etc) will show under the Part Information tab when the part is highlighted.

Discounts and changing sale price 

User Tips:

A. If a discount automatically applies to the part being sold the discount can be removed or changed but the change will only apply to the current sale.  

B. If a user tries to apply a discount percentage or change the price of the part and cannot, a manager or owner will need to use their parts invoice PIN to override. For further details on discounts click the link below:

adding a parts discount to an invoice 

See below for making changes for a discount

Change the tax or make them tax exempt  on individual part numbers 

Click the Cashier tab to take payment. Click on the Method Of Payment drop down to select which form will be used. 

User Tip: If a default cashier has not been opened, click on the links Opening a cashier station  and assigning an employee to a cashier station   so the invoice can be completed. 

Payment methods will show in the box to the right.  Before hitting Save or Complete Sale dealers can remove or change the payment. 

Note: When using Cash as the method of payment if the customer and needs to give back change click the payment button a second time.

User Tip:  Customers can also pay on account if setup under their customer profile.  For details on how to use AR click  using AR payments FAQ 

Once all payments have been taken the balance will show as zero in the lower right hand corner.  Click Complete Sale  in the upper right hand corner.

Dealers can choose how to give the customer their receipt information as shown below. 

Note: If the mobile number and email address are already in the customers user information they will auto fill in the two boxes shown above.