Showroom Configuration 

From the DX1 Dashboard click on the user name in the upper right hand corner then choose Marketing from the drop down menu

Click on the website for the dealer to access the showroom configurations

Scroll down to Showroom Configuration.  all of the dealerships manufacturers will be shown, click on the manufacturer. 

For each manufacturer that has a check mark any changes to the categories can be made 

(for this example we will use Can-Am)

Destination Charges may be added to all available model types.  Additional options are as follows: 

Display the latest calendar or manufacturer years 

View all of the models available 

Hide all pricing for units on the website

Users can  override the MSRP pricing per model type.  Click on the model year in Blue next to view all model years 

For each model type the MSRP will be shown on the far right also in Blue.  Click on the value to set the new pricing. 

Click the Current Price Override box and enter in the new value.  Users may also:

Hide the price on the web

Send price on request for the web

add discounts 

The new pricing will be reflected in red next to the previous MSRP.

Note: If the dealer chooses to change the MSRP pricing this may affect any agreements they have with the Major Unit Manufacturer.  This is the sole responsibility of the dealer.