We have enhanced our Events Calendar with the ability to easily copy existing events and also to be able to share events across dealership websites for multi location dealerships.We have also added a weekly view option to display events in the website in addition to monthly and list view.  These added features not only expand our events calendar but can also be used to create appointment slots when used with current RSVP functionality. This would really be effective in the current situation  especially when the dealership is closed or by appointment only. Below are instructions on how you can take advantage of our event calendar to create appointment slots for your customers to display on your websites.

Select Events tile from Dx1 Dashboard under Marketing Communication

Create an event/appointment by selecting ADD button on event calendar page

Complete all the applicable information of the event/appointment (Event Name, Date, Time, Description etc.)

Make sure to turn the  RSVP toggle On and add an RSVP Email in the field. You will be notified through email if a customer RSVPs for the given appointment slot.  Once confirmed, remove that appointment slot for the Events Calendar so no other customer can schedule an appointment at that time.

If you are a multi location Dealership, You can create one event and select to display in other locations websites by selecting Marketing Location at the bottom of the Event Information Page.

Click Save

Once the event/appointment has been created and saved, you can simply copy the event to create the same event in another time slot or a different date.

Note: You will need to create a single day event for every appointment slot you want to make available on your website.  

Click on the Copy button on the top right of the Event Information page.

If you have already exited the Event Information page, Click on the event  you just created on the  event calendar.  The Copy button now shows.

Click on Copy and you will be directed to Event Information page:

Once on the Event Information page, simply change the Start Time, End Time and/or Date

Save your changes

A new event will appear on the calendar with a different time slot and/or different date.

You may also select to view the events in Week or List view by clicking on the options on top right of the page.

Below is an illustration on how appointments will be displayed in your website in Week view: