Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Major Unit Management tile from the "Major Units" tile set.






Select Inventory List from the left hand navigation menu.


Search for the private model you would like to update.



NOTE: Private models are listed in orange. You may hover the cursor over the model to see the status of the MU.



Select the unit.





The Unit Information screen displays.  To see what public model information is available users can change the Year, Model/Model Code, and Color fields at the top then click Search 


For the above example the color field will be left blank before the search button is clicked 

Any public data provided from the vendor or manufacturer will be shown.  Click on the unit in green ( the color is used to mark public data from the manufacturer) along with available colors on the right.  Click Add Selected 


The public data for color will now show in that field at the top of the unit information.  Click Save.  The user will be asked if they want to change the model information click Yes.  

 The model has now been updated with the available public data. The user will see two additional changes confirming the data has been updated: 

A. The stock number will change from Orange  to Green   when searched inside inventory

B. Any available Marketing data will show under the Specifications area inside the details area of the unit itself.