What products are affected by this change?

Products affected by this change are those that typically are not marketed with a model year or are produced across years without significant changes. The most common categories are:

  • Lawnmowers/Lawn tractors

  • Power Equipment

  • Generators

  • Snowblowers

  • Snowblower Implements

  • Pumps

These categories represent the initial list of zero year models. Additional product categories may be added in the future.

What differences will I see in managing inventory?

  • Power equipment will appear in all simple year searches regardless of search criteria; adding a model name, different category, etc to the search criteria will more finely tune the results 

  • Power equipment models will sort by year as zero

  • The inventory detail page now includes a ‘Manufactured Date’ field. This field should be used to record the manufacture data of the unit. The date entered will also be used in any outgoing inventory feeds.

How Do I Search For Models Without a Year?

Power equipment will appear in all simple year searches regardless of search criteria; adding a model name, category, etc to the search criteria will remove those models from the results.

By default, we will show only active, in-production models in search results, but you may find older, out-of-production models by toggling the ‘Show Discontinued’ flag in the advanced search

This image demonstrates how zero year models appear in search results

When receiving a unit, if you don’t see the model you are looking for, you can find older, discontinued models using the advanced search.

What about my current inventory?

All existing power equipment will have the model year set to zero; ‘Manufactured Date’ will be set to January of the year that is currently in use- for example, a 2018 string trimmer will have a ‘Manufactured Date’ of ‘01/2018’

How does reporting change?

Reporting will work as it does today. Any inventory reports will show the model year as zero (‘0’) for power equipment.

How do these models appear on my website?

DX1 websites will not show any model year for these models. This includes the vehicle detail page, searches, print a brochure and compare models.

    No year appears for this Toro mower on the DX1 website.

Additionally, your website showroom will only display products that are still in production; as products cease production, they will be automatically removed from your site- note this includes manufacturer models only- not inventory.