Watch the video or follow the steps below

Click on Listing Inventory and Classifieds 

Note: Only those users with the proper permissions will have access to these tiles along with the ability to add and manage the inventory. 

From the menu on the left click on Inventory List then Add A Listing 

3. Use the following search filters and drop downs can be used to find the unit.  Once set click Search



Model/Model Code 


All available OEM data ( for this example : 2018 Polaris models) will be shown.  All color types will be listed on the far right. Note: if multiple pages are available for units click the arrows at the bottom of the box to go to the next page. 

Click on the unit then choose Add Selected from the top 

The OEM data will show at the top.  Dealers can choose a different color by clicking the Edit button on the right.  


Only the Condition (new or used)  Any additional boxes that are filled in will follow with the unit over to the website ( VIN, odometer, etc…) 


The Price ( what will show with the unit on the website) will default to the Retail Price ( MSRP) data from the OEM manufacturer.  Users can change this pricing along with the “Retail” Price” and “Price” text as well ( example: under price would now say: super sale! only one left!) Dealers may also add discounts if applicable.  

For further information on adding discounts click on the following link:

Adding discounts from withing Listing Inventory 


OEM data will auto populate in all specification fields if available. Note: If the user does not use the data provided by the OEM, all specifications will have to be manually added by the dealer in order for that information to appear with the unit. 


Toggle the switch to On to have it show on the website.  Units can also be featured on the website with that toggle on as well. 

Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner once done. 

Note: If adding the exact same model for multiple units click the Save and New button. 

The unit now shows in inventory.

Units can also be Featured on the website.  There are two ways this can be done inside listing inventory.

1.  From the main inventory page click the Featured toggle on the right next to the unit as shown 

2. You can also use the Featured toggle available on the inventory detail page of each unit and save your change.

The Featured Inventory will be displayed in the Featured Inventory area on your DX1 website