Are you a dealer looking to add your own codes to any part of your dealer inventory? If so this is the tool for you. Using the Alternative Part Code is easy to set up and easy to use.

In this document we will cover the following topics:

  1. Adding an Alternative Part Code to a part number
  2. Using an Alternative Part Code in a parts invoice

Note: The alternative part code returns results for in-stock parts only

  1. Adding a short code to a part number
    1. Open any part in your dealer inventory
    2. Once in the part detail, you will see the "Alternative Part Code"
    3. Enter your desired value
      1. Note - When using a short code make sure it is something specific. DX1 AllFields search already offers type matching, so make sure your code is unique
      2. Note - You can also use this field to add a UPC code
    4. Click the Save Button
  2. Using an Alternative Part Code in a parts invoice 
    1. If I was using the Alternative Part Code field as a UPC you can simply focus into the parts grid and scan the desired part. If you have multiple in-stock parts that match your criteria you will see the Part Inventory window pop up with matching results.
    2. Select the desired part and add it to the parts invoice, it is that simple.
    3. If you would like to see if a part has an alternative number you can click on the part, then the part detail tab, where you can see if the record exists.

Part Detail Tab

Using a UPC Code

Using a Short Code

For more assistance please reach out to any number of the resources in the help dropdown menu