Exporting purchase orders to OEM suppliers 

Note: The export function will only work with the OEM providers Dx1 has an agreement with. 

  1.  From the Dx1 Dashboard click on the Ordering tile

2.  Select the Vendor and the Order type.  The order type shows what needs to be ordered for stock, special orders, or all based on the vendor.  For this example Tucker Rocky will be the vendor for stock items.  Click New PO In the upper right hand corner. 

3. Click on the three dots next to the save button in the upper right hand corner then choose the Export option.

Note: The export function is only available for catalogs that Dx1 has an agreement with.  Private catalogs added by the dealership will not have this export option. 

4. Dx1 will create a txt file that the dealer will need to save to the PC where the PO is being created. 

5. Go to the parts supplier website.  Click on Orders then Import Orders

6. The website will ask the dealer what type of file they want to import.  Choose the Comma Delimited File (Item#Quantity) from the provided list, then click Choose File. 

7. Choose the file from the PC that the PO was saved on. 

8. The file name will in the box as shown below, to complete click the Import File button 

9. The dealer can now complete the ordering process as normal from the parts supplier.