Q: Where is the Ordering list located in DX1?

Answer: through the Ordering tile or by the menu on the left hand side of the dashboard

2. Click on Ordering List in the upper right hand corner

Q: What options are available in the ordering list screen?

Answer: Users can:

Create new purchase orders 

Review open and closed purchase orders created in DX1

Click Search in the upper right hand corner once filters have been set if applicable 

Q: What can be changed inside an open or closed PO’s?

Answer: For Open PO’s:

Printing the ordering session summary

Canceling the PO completely

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner to cancel the PO or print the ordering summary

Note: If the PO is going to be cancelled and has special order items on it, the special order invoice WILL NOT be automatically updated at the parts counter. The special order invoice will need to be refunded in order for the invoice to be removed from Pickup/Refund.