Click the Customer Search tile 

Search for the customer using the available fields shown 

See below as each section on the left hand side is reviewed:

1. General Information: Most common areas to review

Any tax breaks the customer may be receiving

Discounts applied for any parts they purchase ( example: a customer who gets 10% off will have that discount applied each time they purchase parts or accessories.

If they are an AR ( Accounts Receivable ) customer.  This info will also show at the bottom of the invoice automatically as well if applicable. 

2. Documents: Dealers have the option to upload specific documentation concerning the customer.  See link below for further information and instructions. 

Uploading File Attachments to Customer or Prospect Records

3. Financing: Dealers can create a finance application 

4. Working Leads: View current open leads or create a new lead 

5. Closed Sales: A history of all leads created under the customer name 

6. Garage: A list of all units associated with the customer. 

7. Scheduled Actions: appointment history.  Users may also crate new appointments using the add button in the upper left hand corner 

8. History: All purchases made by the customer any any department 

9. Communication: Any S/O communication or defaulted responses sent to the customer 

10. Merge Customer: Allows the dealer to clean up any duplicate customer profiles that have been created.  See link below for instructions 

Merging customers