The Customer Allfields Search uses a typeahead search method for progressively searching for and filtering through customer information fields. As the user types in the search field, one or more matches for the search term(s) are found and immediately presented to the user in the search field. The immediate feedback allows the user to find what they are looking for quicker – and in a much less cumbersome way. The AllFields Customer Search is available in Major Units, Parts, and Service Invoicing.


The Allfields Customer Search parameters are:

  • Search the following fields: display name, first, last, phone & Mobile, zip, vin/hin/sn, address, email, company name
  • The typeahead search will display: Display Name, Phone / Mobile in the type ahead results
  • Plus (+) icon to add that customer to the invoice
  • Requires 3 values to start a type-ahead search
  • The type-ahead will display the first 10 customers sorted by Display Name
  • Use the "Show More" to open the customer search window and search more than 10 results

Search by phone numbers

Search by VIN

Search by Name