Note: If applicable, click on the link below to go over the rules and reasons for how the special order process works 

Special Order Invoices: Rules and Reasons for them

For users without speakers: 

With narration: 

Special Order - Over The Counter Process 

How to Order and Pick Up Special Order Parts in DX1

Before placing a Special Order in DX1 you must have a customer name filled in.  This name follows the Special Order Part through the: 

Ordering of the part

Receiving of the part 

Picking up and completion of the invoice

Click on the Sales tile under Parts and Accessories area from the launchpad 

Note: When working with ANY Parts Invoice, each user will need to click save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open Parts Invoice without saving within that 20 minute time frame changes to the Parts Invoice will be lost!

Click New Invoice from the left hand side of the screen

A customer name must be added before the special order invoice can be completed.  Note: The search ahead feature is also shown when putting in partial information.

Users may enter a Ship To address if applicable.  If the dealership has chosen to subscribe to the pay for SMS Text Feature for Special Orders  option users will want to click on the Preferred Notification Method drop down box and choose the mobile number associated with the customer.  If the customer does not have a mobile number setup a warning in Red will appear as shown. Click on the link below to see an example of how the feature works.

SMS Text Message feature for Special Order Parts 

  For further details on how to sign up for the feature please contact your dealerships account manager or support at 877-944-6766

Users have three ways to enter the part number needed: 

A. Type the part number directly then tab over 

B. User the search icon on the left to look inside inventory 

C. Search ahead: enter in the part number and best matches to current inventory will show

D. Use the Microfiche icon as shown.  Dealers may use a third party provider such as HLSM or ARI Part smart.  DX1 also offers a fully integrated parts look up service for a monthly fee.  An example of the feature can be found in the link below: 

Microfiche for DX1 Overview 

For further details on how to sign up for the feature please contact your dealerships account manager or support at 877-944-6766

Once you have added your part number if the item is out of stock it will automatically put the number of parts you entered into the SO field. 

Users may also add discounts, change the sale price, or taxes so long as they have the proper permissions under their user profile.  

Some dealers will have a default percentage amount for special orders.  If this default is in place the user will see that percentage amount in the lower right hand corner of the invoice. 

Click the Cashier tab to take any deposits if applicable.   Users may also choose to click the Complete  Sale  button to override the default deposit amount for the current invoice.  The warning shown will also appear if the user does not see that a deposit is required. 

Once all deposits are taken or overridden, click Complete Sale.

Choose how the customer will get their receipt information 

NOTE: Once the Complete Sale button has been chosen, this will send the part to the Ordering section of Dx1.