Note: Before getting started with DX1 E-Payments, please keep the following in mind:

  1. DX1 E-Payment currently requires that Clover/MIC be used as your payment processor.

  2. Payments submitted through payment requests will be subject to Card Not Present fees, which are typically slightly higher than transactions performed in person. Please contact MIC with any questions about your particular rate

  3. Sending payment requests via SMS require activating SMS functions. Sending payment requests via email is available for all Dealerships.

Activating E-Payments

Select your initials in the upper right hand corner of the DX1 Dashboard and select Dealership settings

In the left hand menu, select Online Payment Config

Change the Toggle for Clover (Request Payment) Enabled to the ON position

Save your changes.

Sending an E-Payment Request

Note: An invoice must have a positive balance due before a payment request can be sent.

First select the E-Payments tab on the Customer Invoice

Select the Add icon and enter an amount that is equal to or less than the balance due.

Select the mail icon to send the request via email or the phone icon to send the request via text message.

You will be asked to select the Cashier Station, Method of Payment and Unit if the payment is for an MU deal with more than one unit.  Once the selected values look good click the "Request Payment" button and the request will be sent to the customer.


The status message will be updated to show the Pending status of the request.

NOTE: Requests will expire in 7 days if the customer does not submit payment

Submitting E-Payments (Customer)

An overview of the request your Customer will receive and how payment is submitted.

Your Customer will receive a request containing the payment request, a copy of the current invoice, and a link to submit payment.

Clicking on the payment link will open a payment screen, customized for your Dealership.

After submitting payment information, your Customer will see a confirmation.

Applying an E-Payment to the Invoice

Once your Customer has submitted their payment:

- If the preselected cashier station is Open it will be immediately applied to the invoice.

- If the preselected cashier station is Closed:

  - The payment will be automatically applied to the invoice when the cashier station is reopened.

  - If you want to manually apply the payment to another cashier station following the steps below  

an indicator will be shown on the E-Payment tab and the payment request status will be updated to Paid.

Select the green icon to open the Payment dialog and select the Payment button to apply the payment to the invoice.

The payment request status will be updated to Applied and the balance due will be updated.

Refunding or Voiding an E-Payment

To refund an E-Payment, follow the normal refund process, choosing the appropriate Clover payment method. Voiding an invoice will also process a refund automatically.

Updating E-Payment Request and Confirmation Templates

You may update the E-Payment request and payment confirmation templates in Dealership Settings, in the Email Templates Settings or SMS Templates Settings.

Video Instruction: