Note: Depending on the type of user added the dealership may be charged for the new user.  For details on what charges may occur please contact your account manger directly or contact support at: 877-944-6766

Click on the user initials in the upper right hand corner then choose users 

A new Major Units sales person will be added.  Click the Add  button in the upper left hand corner 

All Red Edged fields are required. Once a name is added DX1 will auto generate a short name as shown.  This sort name plays a role for service technicians when being chosen for repair order jobs. 

The Home Dealership will be automatically chosen.  For those dealers who have multiple locations click the drop down to choose the home dealership for that user. For user ID DX1 recommends the second part of the ID be the name of the dealership. ( for this document we will use Password requirements are as follows:

at least eight characters

one capital letter

a number

one special character ( %*!#)

Add the email for the user and click the active checkbox.  Additional check boxes allow for the following:

Restrict Network Access: When chosen will not allow the user to access DX1 unless they are using a computer at the dealership itself

Allow Salesperson Selection: User will be able to change the salesperson on the invoice itself 

Organization Wide Authorization: only used if the employee needs to be able to switch to another dealership ( note: the change home dealership box will not open unless this box is checked first)

Allows Returns: Check if the user is allow to apply parts discounts.  If checked a parts invoice PIN will be required. 

Click the toggle to allow the user to apply discounts and set max discount percentage.  Choose the primary and secondary role permissions the user will have from the drop downs.  Dealers can also choose Custom permissions if applicable. 

Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner once all permissions have been assigned 

Additional links for setting up the user for time clock and being a cashier can be clicked on below:

 Setting up employee to use the time clock