Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Open/Close Cashier tile from the "Accounting" tile set.






The Cashier Station Open/Close screen displays.


Select the desired open station from the Station drop down menu.



Before closing a cashier station a user can review all of the payment types ( cash,check, Visa etc…) on the left hand side of the screen along with the total of those payment types. Click Close Station in the upper right hand corner.





Click Drawer Count 






The Drawer Count screen displays. 


Enter the register count for each denomination in the Count field.





Click Save.


Enter the amount you wish to leave in the till in the Closing Till field.






Enter any necessary notes in the Bookkeeper Note field.



  Before closing the station the user can review the following from the drawer count: 


Open: Amount recorded when cash drawer was open.

Cash Received: Amount of total cash from sold invoices for the day.

Paid Out: Any money taken out of the till during the day that was not part of a transaction done in Dx1


Expected: The amount of total cash: opening till + cash from invoices 

Actual: The actual amount of the cash drawer

Over/Under: If the drawer is short or over

Closing Till: Should be zero so a new opening till amount can be entered the following day

Closing Cash: Total of actual amount from cash. 



Select Close Station.


A verification window displays.


Click OK.