This feature allows BMW dealers to extract the necessary financial data from QBs and DX1 to generate a file that can be directly imported by AOSolutions where your BMW Financial Statements can be reviewed.

In the document we will cover:

- Part 1: Initial Setup

  - Mapping Your Accounts

  - Enter your Personnel

- Part 2: Monthly file generation and submission process

Part 1: Initial Setup 

Click on your initials in the upper right hand corner then choose Dealership Settings 

Mapping your accounts:

Before DX1 can generate the file needed for your BMW Financial report you need to map ALL of the accounts in your COA (Chart Of Accounts) to the standard BMW COA

Click the BMW Account Mapping tab from the menu on the left to get to the screen that allows you to map your Accounts to the BMW Accounts

You will need to go through and map ALL of the accounts for each account type tab before you will be able to generate a BMW Financial report, remember to Save your changes as you go. 

To set or change the BMW account your account is mapped to, simply click the dropdown arrow in the righthand column and select the correct BMW account, once all of your accounts have been mapped click Save. 

For Expense accounts the Profit Center allocation must also be set for each account 

You may allocate each of your expense accounts to a specific BMW Profit Center (New, Used, Service, P&A, Apparel) or do it based on your predefined Default Expense Ratios (Use Ratios) see below to set the default ratios,

You may set Default Expense Ratios as shown.  Note: The percentages entered must equal 100

Enter your Personnel:

The financial report also requires your current headcount in each department

Click the Personnel Summary tab from the menu on the left to get to the screen that allows you to enter this information.  Go through each department and enter the number of people you have.  As you enter your staff the totals will update at the bottom for each department and to the right for each employee type.   Make sure the totals are correct when you are done and don't forget to click Save.

Part 2: Monthly file generation process 

1) Open the DX1 Accounting application and click the Composite Reports tab

2) Select the Month and Year you wish to generate the report for

3) Click the "Get QB Data" button to load in account balance data for the selected month from Quickbooks

Note: All accounts MUST be mapped to the BMW COA before the file can be created.


4) Click the "Get DX1 Data" button to load in data like unit and invoice counts for the selected month from DX1

5) Finally click the "BMW Financials" button to generate the file you will save to your computer and then can upload to AOSolutions.