Honda iN users with a valid account now have the ability to transfer financial information using data DX1 has collected so those entries no longer need to be entered manually through Honda iN. 

Part 1: Setup 

Note: These steps are ONLY for dealers who integrate with Honda iN 

Click on user initials in the upper right hand corner then choose Dealership Settings 

Click Honda Account Mapping from the menu on the left 

Requirements for Mapping:

ALL accounts must be mapped, not just the ones from DX1 but the entire dealers COA (Chart Of Accounts) 

Only similar type accounts can be mapped to each other (example: asset to asset, equity to equity etc…)  

Dealers will go through each tab listed as shown 

DX1 recommends the use of the Auto Map Accounts button in the upper right hand corner. When clicked will map the dealer’s accounts to the appropriate Honda accounts based on the accounts the dealer currently have set in the various DX1 account mapping fields.

Note: Clicking the “Auto Map Accounts” button WILL overwrite any previously mapped accounts

Click the dropdown to map each account as needed, once all accounts have been mapped click Save. 

The Profit Center allocation must be set for each Expense Account. The dealer may select to allocate the expense to each Profit Center based on their predefined Default Expense Ratios "Use Ratios", allocate it to just the New / Used Profit Centers "Just New / Used Ratios" or Allocate it all to one specific Profit Center"

Dealers may set Default Expense Ratios as shown.  Note: The percentages entered must equal 100

Part 2: Downloading the Honda Financials file from DX1

Open the DX1 Accounting application then click Composite Reports


Users will need to set the Month/Year before they click the Get QB Data and Get DX1 Data buttons.  Once the two sets of data have been collected,  click the Honda Financials button.

Note: All accounts MUST be mapped to the Honda COA before the file can be created. 

Note: As required by the Honda iN system, the file will be named "AMDSHOFS.001", the numeric file extension will increment each time a file is generated.

Part 3: Uploading the File to Honda iN 

Login to your Honda iN account 

Once logged in choose Business Management

Choose Financial Management then Financial Statement from the menu on the left as shown

Use the Browse button and locate your file

Be sure to select the correct Business Type (Corporation or Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC) BEFORE clicking Import. Once done set the Statement For date and click Import.