Question Answer
What are the two types of sales that can be done concerning Major Units? You can do two types of quotes, Inventory and non inventory.
How do I make a sale for a Trade-In if I don't have the first unit in stock yet? A feature for this is coming soon. For now, add the trade in to a non-inventory quote so that the customer can get an idea of what the unit will cost. Once the unit to be purchased has come in and then sold, the trade in will then be pulled into inventory.
What does the warning in a MU invoice stating "This unit has an open Repair Order on it" mean and how do I proceed? The warning indicates that the instock unit is having something added to it before being sold. Check the service department on the status of the RO because if installed parts are being added this will increase the retail price of the unit before being sold.
Can multiple quotes be done on the same stock number? Yes, multiple quotes can be done on the same stock number HOWEVER, once a stock number has been converted to a deal it cannot have any new quotes added using that stock number.
I put the wrong unit in my quote, how do I change it? You will need to add the correct unit on the second line of the quote, refund any deposit money and delete the incorrect unit.
                                                    Can I add new taxes and fees through DX1 on their own?
No, you will need to have all the details and then get a case number to DX1 support so that the fees or taxes can be added.
I can't find the correct F&I product. What do I do to find it and make sure it can be sold? First, check under F&I products under dealership settings. If the product is found, look for if the model type has been checked under the product itself and is the CC's are correct for the model type shown.
What is the finance reserve? Finance Reserve within DX1 is used to create an accounting entry showing that the dealer financed the minimum amount for money to be given back by the finance company the dealership has a relationship with. Example: the dealer has an agreement with the local credit union that states the dealership will get a certain portion of that financed amount back for every customer they send to that credit union for their financing.
How do installed parts on a unit on a quote effect the deal? The installed parts will increase the total retail price of the unit on the quote.
What is the advantage of using the OTDP calculator? The OTDP ( Out The Door Price ) calculator allows you to see if you will continue to make a profit on the unit being sold if the customer offers an amount that does not require any financing and can be paid the same day. The number will stay green if you're still making a profit and will turn red if the price offered causes you to lose money.
Can deposits be taken at any time during the quote or deal process? Yes, you may take and enter deposits at any time in the quote or deal process.
How does Customer Cash Back affect a quote or deal when selling a Major Unit? Customer cash back will automatically take money off the total price of the unit and will show as a down payment on the quote or deal. ( NOTE: the customer cash back MOP must be setup before it can be used properly in a quote or deal)
Where do I click in a deal or quote to see profitability? In the lower right hand corner of the quote or deal you can see the Total Amount Due.