Picking up  of parts is a daily process for any dealership with many different things that may need to be done outside of just a simple  pickup of a special order part.  See below for some of the rules and reasons why DX1 does the processes the way they are done. 

Q.  What are the differences when it comes to picking up special order parts depending on the department? ( i.e. Parts, Service , Major Unit Sales)

A. See below: 

1. From the parts counter directly: these are your standard invoices ( example customer needs to have the part ordered, it 's ordered, received, then picked up at the parts counter by the customer, any payments are taken beyond deposits taken at the time the invoice was created then the sale is completed)

2. Special Order parts requested for a service invoice: The parts department has already ordered, received, and at the time of pickup will complete the sale so the part is then "sold" over to the service invoice.  The customer is then charged for the "sold" part to the service invoice.  Note: Service Invoices CANNOT be completed until ALL part requests are completed whether the part is being sold out of stock or special ordered. 

Click the link below for instructions on picking up parts from the counter or for service invoices 

Picking up Special Order items from the parts counter

3. Part Requests for Major Unit Quotes and Deals: While the process for requesting parts or picking up Special Orders is the same as it is for Service, there are a couple of differences:

1. Special Order parts do not have to be picked up in order for the Major Unit quote to be completed. ( example: If a helmet is ordered the customer is charged at the time the SO invoice is created, the amount is folded into the current quote)

2. If those same Special Order parts are attached to an open service request, those parts MUST be picked up and the request completed in the parts department as well as the service invoice being completed before the Major Unit deal can be completed. 

With the stand alone parts request the dealer can see just how much is being added to the MU deal, where when service is involved the deal must remain open to allow for additional changes that could be added to the deal in the form of labor as well as the parts being charged.